Boat Docks

BOAT DOCKS & PIERS The difference is in the details

Your dock has to be able to grow and adapt to fit your lifestyle. We offer piers and docks from multiple manufacturers to provide you with a dock that fits your style, needs and budget.

Lakeview Docks

Lakeview Docks team of knowledgeable project managers, design engineers, and AWS certified craftsmen are dedicated to building the longest lasting docks, piers, and gangways specific to your project’s needs and location.

Ryco Dock

Ryco Dock is a premier product line for the boating enthusiast. Their goal is to not be like all the other boat dock manufacturers. They build a product that is structurally sound, easy to work with, and has a curb appeal that everyone will enjoy.

Clearwater Piers

Clearwater Piers are a remarkably durable stationary dock system that are known for their ease of installation and removal. Clearwater Piers will let you spend more time enjoying your waterfront property instead of managing it.

Endres Docks

Endres Manufacturing Company is an AISC Certified steel manufacturing company  that produces famous piers and shoreline equipment. They are unique because of their Bavarian design and history as a family business.

Looking for More Dock & Pier choices?

Visit our sister company in Northern Wisconsin, Eagle River Dock & Lift.